Posted by: kristinej | July 10, 2009

July 10th

After a busy weekend, this week has been pretty slow.  Monday I went with Moise, my supervisor, to hand out certificates to participants in a class for pregnant women.  He had me hand out one of them and offer some words of advice, which everyone got a kick out of.  The next morning I then went with him to meet the Tostan coordinator in Mali.  Tostan is the organization that we are working with to start up the new education program, so I will be working with him a lot in the future.   Then yesterday I went to another little ceremony where they were giving certificates to the facilitators (teachers) from their previous session of classes.  Moise gave a speech, in French, saying how before the classes started some of the women hadn’t even known how to hold a pen and now they could write letters in Bambara.  It’s great for me to see all of these Malians working together and basically taking their progress into their own hands, with just a little bit of guidance and some monetary support from our project. 

Other than those outings I’ve been working in the office and studying Bambara.  This morning we had a big rain shower so I just stayed in bed and then it was so much cooler, so that was wonderful.  I’m excited because tomorrow we are going to pick up our new clothing from the tailor.  Everywhere here they sell these bright, multicolored fabrics with all sorts of patterns and then you can either just wear them as a wrap-around skirt or take them to the tailor and get them made into an outfit.  So I bought a couple different fabrics last week and am having them made into one traditional outfit with a skirt and top and another skirt in the other fabric.  My fabrics are pretty tame, but you see all sorts of wild prints.  I’ve been keeping a list of some of the objects that I’ve seen on them, including: computers, lipstick and lips, screws, and toothpaste. 

I also told my host sister and mom that I want to get my hair braided one of these days, which they were kind of excited about, so between that and my new Malian clothing, I’ll basically be African!



  1. So African right now.
    So I pulled out a sheet of paper, was writing you a birthday note and then remembered: DOH! She’s African now!
    That said, I hope you have an amazing and wonderful birthday and I love you very much 🙂

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