Posted by: kristinej | October 16, 2009

October 16th

Rainy season has officially ended, and mini hot season is well under way.  I feel like I’ve been sweating constantly for about the last three weeks, and have been checking the 10-day weather forecast daily for any sign of cold season (high 90s and sunny – nope).  I even had a dream that I was looking at the forecast and saw 70 degrees starting one day and continuing on for the following days, and I thought, “Yes! I see the start the cold season!” only to realize that I was in fact looking at the low temps.  Needless to say, I’m a little scared for the real hot season, which starts sometime in February, but I’m hoping that I’ll  be “refreshed” by cold season and three weeks of below-freezing temps in Iowa (if I leave the house, that is).

The other day I was walking home and this guy pulled up on his moto and wanted to give me a ride, and wouldn’t take no for an answer, so finally I just said, “You know, my husband wouldn’t be very happy about this,” and he was like, “Oh! See you later!” and took off!  I thought for sure he would see through me, but they never do!

Sunday was a big soccer day here in Mali – we were playing Sudan to decide who will go to the World Cup in South Africa next summer.  Mali isn’t very good, frankly, but we actually scored the only goal of the game with a couple of minutes left and won.  The stadium is only a mile from my house – you can see it from outside our compound – and some of my friends actually went to the game, but I wasn’t feeling well and decided to avoid the chaos and just watch from home.  It actually was really fun because they pulled the tv outside and we all sat around it and ate peanuts and watched.

The other morning I actually got into an argument with a prendticket (the guy who collects money on the sotrama) because he didn’t give us the right change as we were getting off.  I checked carefully to make sure that I wasn’t just counting the change wrong (as often happens) and then started yelling at him and the driver in a mix of French and Bambara.  It went something like this (italics are French, the rest is Bambara): “Hey, prendticket, it’s 100CFA each.  100CFA each!  100 CFA everyday.  You’re charging us 150CFA each just because we’re white! From the intersection to here isn’t far – five minutes. 100 CFA each!”  In the end he thrust the correct change in my hand, I think just eager to start moving again.  I should say that I was literally arguing over a quarter, but it’s more the principal of it.  Cailey, who just got here a week ago, was with me, and I told her, “You’ll see, a whole other side of you comes out in Mali!”  Would I ever really start yelling at someone in the middle of the street in Philadelphia? Probably not.



  1. Welcome to the sisterhood of the fake husband!

  2. Atta girl!!!

  3. Haha thanks guys!

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