Posted by: kristinej | December 2, 2009

December 2nd

Just a quick posts with some stories I’ve been meaning to tell:

– The other day Becky, Cailey, and I went into a store with another guy from the Peace Corps, and the guy who worked there asked if Cailey was married, and I said yes she was.  Then he asked something else, and I thought he was asking if we were all married, so I said yes, only to come to find out that he was asking if we were all married to Dan, the guy we were with.  Oops.

– Yesterday I met a guy from my same ethnic group here who said that he wanted to marry me, and when I told him that I already had an American husband he said, “You can’t marry an American, he’s not in your ethnic group!” Hmm…

– For some reason people never understand me when I say “Here tilenna” which means, “Did you have a peaceful day?” Usually I just get blank stares, but once in a boutique I said it and the guy replied, “Yes, we sell cigarettes here.”  Not quite what I was looking for.

In other news, I had a mild heart attack the other day when I called Royal Air Maroc to confirm my flight home in two weeks, and they told me that because I had missed my flight here, they had canceled the rest of my reservation, without telling me!  Well, I told the guy that since I was in Bamako now, I had obviously gotten here, and had paid $250 to rebook my missed flight, and how could they cancel your reservation without so much as an email to let you know?  So yesterday I went down to the office in Bamako, and clearly this happens a lot because the guy just nodded and put me back on the flight roster, no questions asked.  Crazy.  I’m glad I’m flying Air France back in January. Now let’s just pray there isn’t a strike or a big snow storm.


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