Posted by: kristinej | January 7, 2010

January 7th

My friends enjoyed their new Malian clothing

It’s been a month since I last wrote, reason being that I have been back home in Iowa/Illinois for the holidays, and while Ames is a very exciting place that I’m sure you would have loved to read about, I decided to take a little break from the blogging.  However, as a recap, I thought I would post an Iowa vs. Mali comparison:

High temp:  Mali – 99, Ames – between 0 and 20

Ground cover: Mali – dust/dirt, Ames – at least a foot of snow

Evening activities: Mali – reading/sitting, Ames – TV/sitting/card games

Bed:  Mali – cot with mosquito net and sheets,  Ames – double bed with flannel sheets, a blanket, a comforter, and 2 quilts

Forms of exercise: Mali – running and biking, Ames – shoveling snow, chasing after our new dog when she grabs something

Food staples: Mali – yogurt, peanuts, bananas, rice  Ames – yogurt, fruit, christmas cookies, wheat bread, vegetables

Transportation: Mali – bike, sotrama, or taxi, Ames – choice of 3 cars

As you can imagine, there are many more differences, but those are what came to mind.  I am currently in Chicago, where I am spending more time than planned since a snowstorm caused my flight today to be canceled, of course.  I should get out tomorrow though, with any luck.


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