Posted by: kristinej | April 23, 2010

April 23rd

I found out the other day that the reason that many people have leg deformities here is that they have polio.  I know that vaccination campaigns are big here, and sometimes you’ll see women coming around to houses and giving kids vaccinations, but they still don’t reach everyone.

Also, I just had to share a couple of ridiculous things I saw today involving motos:

– A man driving a moto with two children in front of him and two children behind him – yes, five people on a moto

– Two men on a moto, the driver eating a banana and therefore the passenger reaching around the driver to hold the handles and actually be the driver himself.

Sunday we are all headed to Becky’s village for their annual fishing festival.  Since it’s not rainy season, the trip should be a lot smoother, and I’m very excited for a  calm, relaxing few days.  I will however, just be watching the fishing from the banks of the river, as I have no desire to get any one of many water-born diseases or infections, or get bit by a snake.



  1. Kris, you’re right. You catch something besides fish out of a river, it usually ain’t good. Stay on shore. Robby

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