Posted by: kristinej | May 12, 2010

May 12th

It appears that I’ve survived hot season: the rains have come.  We weren’t expecting them until June, but I guess it makes sense that rainy season would come early since hot season also started early.  It’s weird though, because the weather is just like I remember it being when I got here at the end of June: not rainy everyday, but a few times a week.  Anyway, as you may remember from my blog posts about wading through giant puddles and getting caught in sudden downpours on my bike, there’s never a dull moment once rainy season hits.

Take last Friday night, for instance.  I got home at about midnight after having gone to a concert and was still not feeling great from my sinus infection.  I slept for about an hour before being woken up by thunder.  The power went out as soon as the first drop of rain fell, so I opened up my window to get some more air.  Laid back down.  Got up to make sure it wasn’t raining in.  Laid back down.  Felt raindrops on my face, realized it was raining in, got up to close the windows.  Laid back down.  Realized the shutters weren’t totally closed.  Got back up.  Laid back down.  Heard a strange noise.  Got up, realized that one entire side of my room was flooded from rain blowing under my door.  So, I spent the next half hour or so, by flashlight, sopping up a bucket’s worth of water with a bandana.  Meanwhile, I was having coughing fits and sweating like crazy since it was the most strenuous exercise I had had all week!

The bright side of this, though, was that when I woke up in the morning it was still cloudy and drizzling which meant that it was cooler than it had been in months.  I actually felt chilled for about half a second.


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