Posted by: kristinej | July 9, 2010

July 9th

Sorry for the increasingly infrequent posts – there has been a lot going on and yet nothing that seems particularly blog worthy.

Last week Moise, my Malian work partner, had a dinner at his house for all of the volunteers.  He raises rabbits, so he killed one for us and we had that over couscous.  It was delicious, though I just put any unrecognizable parts to the side and lost my appetite a bit when Amber pointed out one part and said, “I think that’s a testicle.”

Becky left on Thursday and then Ari and Jessica, our executive directors, arrived on Saturday, so the team has been switched up a bit.  It has been busy since they got here – lots of meetings both within the team and with organizations in Bamako.  Despite this I’ve still had some time to do my last bit of shopping, and next week I’m planning to have a small birthday/going-away dinner with my family and the volunteers.  Then I’ll be flying out next Saturday evening!

I know a lot of people have been reading my blog this past year, and as I’m wrapping things up I would love to know who all has been reading.  So, if you have been following my blog, I would love if you could post a message or send me an email just saying that you’ve been reading and maybe what the most memorable post was or the most interesting thing you learned from the blog.  Thank you!



  1. I will so miss your blog but will happy to have you home again. you are quite the writer as every blog left me waiting for more. i would love a print out of them all. The pictures were so special also. they really gave me a feel of the country, i also loved seeing you in all your new outfits. What will I do without them? Love you!

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